Collective Rewild Sicily was born from a specific need: to make Sicily a greener, wilder, and a more conscious place. We work on small projects that are meant to be practical, easily repeatable and regenerate small local communities and their love for the land they live in.

We act to build a better world, simple and in small steps. We think globally and act locally, in this magical island where every corner is a wonder. We do this mainly by trying to decrease the conflict between Man and the Earth.

Our tools are agroforestry, firefighting, regenerative grazing, and rewilding (regeneration of natural processes).
Meet Our Team
We are a group of people with diverse backgrounds putting our skills at work for our shared vision.
  • Luisa Sausa
  • Totò Bondì
  • Enrico Guzzo
  • Hanna Rasper
Ongoing Projects
We work on a project basis and thrive create meaningful synergies among them
Our initiatives are here to stay and provide long-term guidance for out project making strategy.
Free Rivers
Rivers are the blood vanes of our planet Earth. But we have distorted, exploited and channeled them, so that we loose fresh water and hinder fish migration. We work for dam removal, ecological restoration and fish species monitoring.
Wildfires are the ONE determining factor for rewilding actions in Sicily. We work on short-term immediate response actions as well as long-term landscape regeneration in order to make Sicily less vulnerable to wildfires and people ready to respond.
Ecological Monitoring
We cannot rewild what we don't know well. But quality and timely data is scarse and often not accessible. With approaches from Citizen Science we create open access databases and enable custodians of the territory for data tracking.
Join the movement!
If you like what we do, and would like to join our journey, there are multiple ways how to get involved.
Support our work
As a small non profit organisation, we need funds and donations which are not project tied. We'd appreciate your support!
Partner with us
If you're looking for a partner for consortium creation for a new project, or would like to have us as speakers at an event, get in touch!
Become a socio!
You can become a voluntary member of our association. Together we make Sicily a wilder place – one step at a time.
Feel free to drop us a line
and visit us!
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